Blogging and iTunes

New Post Requires a New Layout – Theme Thingy…

So I do not know what the record is for the longest gap between posts, but I am nearly quickly to the 6 month mark, so I thought I should venture back into the blog room and dust off the cob webs.  Only to discover that they lovely people at Word Press have been so nice to make a DOZEN changes or so to HOW I post blog thingys.  So after I spent 2 hours updating my new phone with the apps I had on it from the OLD phone, I spent at least 30 min trying to find where I can post a new blog post thingy. 

To all those write peoples I know, how do you write when you are uninspired?  Where there is TOO much in life to sum up in one 500 word post, when the MAJOR changes you have been making in life are on hold due to OTHER major life changes, and when you just don’t see the blog thing like you use to?  How do you find something significant to write about when it seems that there are TOO many directions your brain wants to go; but no words to fill page? 

In many ways, I view my list of topics to blog about a lot like my iTunes Song storage vault.  I have more music stored in iTunes than I have place for it on my iPod.  Now before you go suggesting that I get a NEW iPod, please see previous posts on budgeting and DAVE RAMSEY (HOPE – It’s not just Fluffy).  So when I sync my iPod I have to PRIORITIZE, I have to CHOOSE.  Who am I going to have space for today?  Even better, what am I going to be in the mood to listen to on my 4 hr drive to Seattle, or my 6 hr plane ride to New Jersey? 

I try to spend time creating lists of the new songs I have downloaded (cleverly marking them NEWBIES), only to find that I have dragged and dropped the ENTIRE album I downloaded.  Now don’t get me wrong, I WANTED the whole album when I bought it, but I only want the song I WANT in my newbie list.  So there I am stranded half way around the world with just my iPod but no iTunes in which to FIX IT.  So I must fast forward through song after song looking for the CLUMP of single songs I really wanted.   Of course I have tried to create playlists, cleverly title 1Drive, 2Work, 3Sleep, and a few other randomly created ones like RFKC, Dance Mix, Sweet List, Top 100, etc etc.  But those always seem to inspire the same reaction: “But I’m bored with those…” Anyone else have a brain that can pull off that whiney Jr. Higher voice at a moment’s notice?  So I SUFFER through until such time as I return home and address my iTunes SITUATION. But that can wait til my next trip–Wait a minute I’m leaving on Sunday again, Ahhhhh Crap.

So my ideas for blogging are all clumped together inside all the other thoughts that are roaming around my head.  Hopefully, this is the beginning of me sorting them out.