Its Just December Its not the End of the WORLD…

So we are just beginning the last month of the year.  The time when we are supposed to be relaxing into the holiday spirit, enjoying the fact that the end is near, and telling ourselves that we should put off those goals and changes until January of NEXT year.  But for some reason I am just not feeling that this year.  It’s not that I have accomplished so much that I don’t think I need to make the traditional New Year’s Resolutions, it is because I am finally in a comfortable track of working on MY weight loss I don’t want to take a break for the Holidays.

It reminds me of the first year I started this program with Medifast because I was spot on, no cheating, no breaks for the entire month of December and I was perfectly fine.  I didn’t feel that overwhelming desire to eat sweets, over indulge, or test out the treats of the season; and with it came an amazing accomplishment of actual weight loss in December.  Now don’t get me wrong I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and I enjoyed asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, ham, and scalloped potatoes for my Christmas dinner.  BUT I did not write off my ENTIRE month of December in belief that I couldn’t make it through the holidays. 

So this year, I have been back on plan for 7 weeks and it has had its challenges, and I have not be completely successful BUT I have had a general positive movement in getting healthier.  I haven’t been agonizing over being hungry.  I haven’t been stressed out over how boring the food is.  I am even finding myself lost in certain days where I have forgotten to eat my full calories because I am deeply focused on life and not food.  It is finally nice to feel like food is just ONE area of my life and not EVERY waking thought. 

So as I begin to get my mind focusing on those things that are important to me… Yes I am still trying to figure that out, I am confident that food will become less and less important.  Although I can promise you WAY more posts about my struggles and victories as I work through this process.

I even exercised TWICE!!! Now that may not seem like much to most people, but for me that is progress. 

I even got a little giddy and excited when I noticed they are coming out with 2 new food options.  I mean how focused am I?  Now granted it is a chocolate chip cookie bar and what looks like Orange Juice… so how can a girl NOT be excited?