Some Days a Dream is Just a Dream… Right? Part 2

Some where else in the town, I could see people talking about the small black cloud hovering over a small corner of the kingdom. The wise ones said it was because someone had used magic but not the way they were suppose to. Others thought it was a great invasion of evil into this preciously protected place. And all the people young and old alike started rushing around as if preparing for a great hurricane, closing windows and preparing rooms for some grand disaster. Somehow, I knew I was to blame, but I didn’t know what I had done. I tried to remember what I had said to get there, but I wasn’t even sure I knew where THERE was. 

As I wandered outside the classroom, things seemed calmer and most everyone was treating it like just another overcast day going about their lives as normal. I was truly in awe observing all the colors and clarity of this place, how peaceful and joyful it felt. As I seemed to glide down the street, I couldn’t help but notice I was in a simple, sweet princess style dress complete with ribbons, and ruffles. Something I would NEVER feel comfortable in here in reality; but in this place it was sheer beauty and grace. When I came upon the market, I was thrilled to see such pretty things, and to be honest besides cooking, my favorite form of therapy is the retail variety, so this market was a complete joy to see, especially with all the colors. 

I think I had just run my hand across the second table of items, when I heard a familiar and comforting voice, “You and

Purely for Reference

your pretty things.” With the grace and cliché of most fantastical stories, he put his arm around my waist and spun me around, sweeping me into his arms in an embrace followed by a dance step or two through the market. “It was you wasn’t it?” He asked with a knowing grin, and squinting eyes. “What…” was my only response, attached to a soft and innocent tone.  He was as close to taller than me, dark, and handsome as my imagination can create, but he looked strikingly like Skeet Ulrich (my brain does not usually dream up real people). 

“It was you that used the magic that brought in the darkness?”

With a sad and sorrowful look I replied, “I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to see you, I wanted to be with you, I wanted to feel you want me, again. I wanted to feel the smile I have when I see you looking at me.  I guess I just wanted it so deeply and so strongly, I didn’t realize I had wished it until I was here. And then I didn’t know what to do.”

“You know I want you to be here. You know I want to swing you in my arms all day long.” With two more turns he swung me to the other side of the market. “But you know it’s not time yet.  That this place is not ready to have you yet and it is not time yet for us to be together.  There are things you have to finish over there. You know there are things that you have to fix before we can be together.” My nodding was the only reply I could muster. “You and I will be together soon; but you must finish what you started first.” And with much pain and regret, I lowered my head with great sadness knowing all to clearly and confidently, he was right. 

As a parting statement he says, “I will take care of the darkness, but you need to return now.”

And with the closest of embraces, I closed my eyes and awoke from my sleep. And with the expression somewhere close to, “Oh wow” spoken in a sleepy amazed state, I tried to start my day. 

The feelings that enveloped me are hard to describe with my limited vocabulary; but if you have ever awoke from a deep sleep with a blanket of emotional warmth embracing you in a satisfied nurturing peace, that begins to describe my waking state.


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