Simple Cookbook Project – Or so I thought

It seemed like such a good idea at the time… How many projects have you started with that thought in mind?  How many seemingly innocent brainstorms have resulted in just another item on the To Do list that never ends?  Well I did it to myself.  Just like the audio tapes that needed converting, the scrapbooks that need building, and the beads the need necklacing (is that a word?); I have generated another project that needs doing.  So in the last 2 days I have spent at least a few hours–I think I’m up to 6 hrs–making my life easier.  Or at least so that is what I was telling myself. 

My Little Cookbook Project

I have this collection of random recipes from my mother, grandmother, father, online cookbooks, friend recipes, cards, and post-its of some of the greatest meals of my memories.  Then there are the cookbooks.  There were at least a dozen last time I moved that filled my book shelf.  And as much as I love just LOVE to dust things that never move (NOT), I was looking at some of these asking myself how long was I going to be toting around these MASSIVE paper weights?  Then the final logic behind this project TRI-FECA was the frustration I go through every time I want to look to create some thing DIFFERENT in the kitchen.  Or Heaven forbid I want to create something I have done before, but CAN’T SEEM TO FIND THE RECIPE ANYWHERE!?!?!??!?!

So the idea began to be crafted, dissected, and created.  Why not create one binder filled with ALL my recipes from EVERYWHERE, printed on card stock or put in those plastic cover thingys, and then put them into dividers in ONE GIANT (okay maybe 2) binders to be kept in my kitchen.  So there it was.  Convenience , consolidation, and creativity all in one.  What a great idea. RIGHT?

That is until I have started this project like 6 times only to arrive at an impasse, have to grown over technical difficulties, lack of resources, or finally a moment of perfectionistic dissatisfaction with my ability to cut straight or align things uncrookedly.  So yesterday in blissful ignorance I begin again.  I am actually quite proud of my efforts, until I look up and realize it is 12:50am and I should TOTALLY be asleep now.  Dang IT… why does the clock always bring me such bad news.  But after about an hour of packing things up and reorganizing my steps so I didn’t leave the living room a complete disaster; I find sleep. 

Today I begin again, cutting and sorting and copying and making a TEENY TINY bit of progress, only to reach a snag.  The ink looks like it is out in my printer.  Of course this is after I have taken at least 5 times to get the alignment correct between the hole punched paper and right side up on both sides.  So I do what any good printer owner does… I remove the ink cartridge and shake like CRAZY, please just a few more copies, PLEASE!!! I don’t have time to go to Office Supplies R us tonight OH and they are probably closed at 8pm on and SUNDAY.  Dang IT… AGAIN! 

So I try to figure out what to do next to make progress and I am now at a kind of loss as I do not think I can continue down this process when I realize there are FANCY settings on the printer itself, so I test and retest and move things from color to not color and realign the pages etc, etc.   Anyone feeling me yet?  This project seemed like such an easy task.  Such a great way to make my life EASIER, RIGHT?  Now I seem to be knee deep into chaos and technological frustration; all for what?  SO I better be testing some of these recipes out soon, because if I end up having to dust this THING once I’m done, I am seriously SERIOUSLY gonna christen my new BBQ Grill with a Bonfire. 

I mean WHO wants to be reminded of hours and hours of effort and work that results in a waste if not used.  Anyone else gotten a crazy idea that just seems to turn into a time sucking project that never ends?


5 thoughts on “Simple Cookbook Project – Or so I thought

  1. Psst…it’d be a lot easier and cheaper to just create you an actual cookbook. I know a guy who would be happy to help…

  2. Roberta says:

    Sounds like a great project. For me just getting pictures in an album (or printed off for that matter) is quite a chore. The last time I sorted pics out Sam was 18 months old. (haha) and now he’s 14.

    I like seeing the handwriting of friends and family…like my crochety old neighbor Bill who brought me a recipe card for Sweet and Sour Pork after I brought him a plate of Sweet and Sour Chicken. He was a stinker, but I liked him. We moved and he passed away but I still have something to remember him.

    Love you Christina!!

    • Christina says:

      Roberta I can completely relate to the picture delimma. That one is alas on the TO DO list.

      As I was going through the various recipe cards, it kinda warms my heart to see my Mom and Yea Yea (Greek grandmother) handwriting; almost like having a litle piece of them still with me. Even having some of the recipes I’ve never tried of theirs reminds me of how much they cooked, gardened, and loved, so it is a special scrap book of sorts. Guess that is part of the reason I have been copying the cards rather than just retyping the recipes.

      Although Perry your idea is very tempting, does that mean I don’t have to do all the typing and configuring? 😀

  3. anthony says:

    my advice would be to focus on the family stuff for now and leave the rest untill later . emotionally the family recipes are the heart and soul of what you are doing . finding other recipes i leave for when inspiration hits and use the internet , etc. for me i can’t be a;; things to all people and neither can my cookbook . my family cookbook is seperate from everything I own . my advice – follow your heart first and the rest shall follow . make the family cookbook special and seperate . don’t be afraid to put picture of family in that one .

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