Its just a Little Exercise

So in my travelling madness, I have learned a few things about the intimidating public that I have maneuvered to my advantage.  Real business travellers have the privilege of flying/going home on Fridays.  Sometimes it is mid day and sometimes it is just as the work day winds to a close.  In addition to this, the faithful few who are forced to remain on location over weekend are usually so distraught by having to spend one more night in a sub par or less than stellar hotel room escape to the bars in hopes of a blissful alcoholic euphoria or engage in witty banter with some other tortured soul who is “here on business”.  Alas, I find comfort in neither thing, so I hit the gym. 

Yes you heard me right, I put on my workout tennis shoes (for those of you east coasters – sneakers), grabbed my iPod, headphones, OH YEAH KEY CARD, and made my way to the work out room.  As I inserted my key card into a space about half the size of my room (1 bedroom suite at an extended stay style establishment), with 2 treadmills, 1 recumbent bike, and what I think was an elliptical (they are ALL the rage these days).  But not a single soul inside, *deep sigh of relief* AWESOME!  A room to myself, mirrors behind me and off the beaten path so that EVERY new checking in resident can walk by and admire how much MORE I should be in the gym than I obviously visit.  So headphones in ears-dang it there is nothing to make a girl feel deformed than to not have the standard cute iPod head phones REFUSE TO STAY IN MY EARS. 

Alrighty, hit the quick start button, don’t think too much, just start walking.  Oh and I of course chose the treadmill the farthest from the door, so even if another non-alcoholic individual were to wander in, I would  not have to look nor be distracted by the potentially judgmental glances at my obvious infrequency of gym attendance.  As I began to walk, I figured the 2Driving Mix would be the best choice.  I developed this mix to assist with my race car like drives into places unknown that seem to calm my spirit and refresh my mind.  (Hmmm sounds like I might have to take a trip to Tahoe, just for the drive… Sorry I saw something shiny.)  So the mix is selected and my quick start is in effect. 

It is only after the music starts to take hold of my inner dancing diva that I realize this treadmill pace is just too slow.  So I kick it up a few more notches and increase the incline just for fun.  Not bad.  2.0 without even thinking.  I think I can do more.  Sooo up to 2.9 which I do believe 11 months ago was my absolute max.. hmmm interesting.  So then I bump it up a touch more.  Incline 3.5, speed 3.4 when the music seems to grab hold and there I am eyes closed hands gripping the bars and I’m in a completely different space.  I have heard of such things, but never even come close to relaxing enough to think it existed let ALONE felt it fill me. 

Maybe… just MAYBE my running friends might have something in this.  Now somewhere around minute 15 minute of my 30 minute commitment, I thought: I wonder if I could run a smidge?  NOW before we get all WHOA GIRL think about what you are saying.  I have to remind myself of a day I spent at the track with my best friend where I just told myself to RUN.  Now the purpose of this RUN exercise was because I wanted to know I could make myself run the bases for the Fall Softball league I had joined.  Talk about horse-cart.  Sign up pay the money, then see if you can actually do it. 😀  But I did.  And I ran that day at the track, I relearned how to jog in between my sprints, and I ran to first base several times during the fall ball season. 

So here I am on a treadmill in my musical happy place, in the privacy of a hotel gym closet and I gradually increase the speed.  Now I’m comfortably pushing the 3.7 speed and there is just this SONG in the midst of my mix that makes me want to dance and some how instead of dance (because I have been told that could lead to a very tragic treadmill accident) I started a pretty decent jog.  It seemed just fine, so I increased the treadmill speed and truly launched into a decent paced run.  Now this lasted for maybe half a song and I think if I looked at the minutes 1.30 in total, but I did something I have never done.  Run on a treadmill.  Not so bad, no witnesses so I don’t have to apologize for my “abuse” of the equipment with my not so tiny frame; but it wasn’t so bad. 

All told I went 1.60 miles (according the measuring thingy), for 35 minutes, and I ran.  Not a bad way to spend a Friday night if I don’t say so myself.  Who needs music thumping bars, socially questionable hotel meeting places, or a night experiencing the wild city nightlife.  I worked out.  How is it I feel more proud of this accomplishment than my latest debt snowball accomplishment?  Maybe just maybe my running friends MIGHT have something.  The brain is still processing… I mean 26 miles is a LONG ways from 1.60 and I can’t even imagine a 5K walk, but at least for the first time I can honestly say I don’t think its hell on earth.  But with 91 less pounds of me, maybe I am just feeling more spring in my step than usual. 

2Driving Mix:
So Help Me God
How we Roll
The Good Life
Live Life Loud
Born Again

I only got through 10 songs… working out use to seem like it took soooooooo long, but this went by in a meer minutes.


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