I’m back…… In a way.

Hello Blog Readers – It’s been 11 days and 5 hours since my last confession,  I mean blog post. With as many half thoughts as I have floating around the drafts folder I just couldn’t seem to find the brain cells to put them together into postable material.  So for that I apologize.  I do not know if there is a specific form of blog etiquette that requires me to with stand 50 lashings with a wet noodle or just pick up where I am right now and WRITE already. 

I am in Sacramento California for work for the rest of November and a part of December (3.5 weeks total).  And even though I was completely distracted driving into town on Wednesday night, when I awoke on Thursday and arrived at my Sacramento branch location I felt as if I was floating on air.  There was something about being back into an area where I have such fond memories.  It is kind of hard to explain why I enjoy Sacramento so much, the city isn’t all that spectacular, the people drive crazy, the streets are shaped funny, and the traffic is annoying during commute times.  But still I have this smile on my face just being back in town. 

Today, I had the pleasure of sleeping until when ever.  A past time I have acquired a love for when I hit total and complete exhaustion.  Usually because I cannot make myself go to sleep at a reasonable hour during the work week, so by Saturday morning my body is screaming… SLEEP, NEED more SLEEP.  In addition to the need for 8-10 hours of sleep, I LOVE those non-commitment Saturdays.  Where I have things I COULD do, but I don’t HAVE to do anything.  So as I awoke I was beginning to think of the things I could do, the things I wanted to do, and by all means compiled the list of things we would NOT think about or do.  I will not make plans that will make me watch the clock, I will NOT call a certain X person back, I will NOT go off plan today, and I will NOT spend more money than I should.  (Okay the last one I am still struggling with – the day isn’t over yet.) 

So with those limits in place I rolled out of bed at my friend’s old cozy home in Elk Grove, CA.  I wandered back and forth through the house for a good 20 minutes with dazed and confused my expression, until I settled on a shower, massage, shopping for bottled water, and then Starbucks to blog and work.  So far so good.  It’s 5:23pm and I have accomplished all but one.  Amazingly enough I still haven’t opened any of the work files to address. 😀 

I worked in the Sacramento location I started in 13 months ago, and it just fills me with energy.  The combination of people just inspire me to smile and laugh all day long.  They tease me and challenge me and encourage me ALL at the same time.  If I could bottle up this feeling and take it home with me, I would get drunk on it EVERY DAY.  Okay maybe just when the Portland area clouds depressed me.  This is part of what led me to contemplating a big move to Northern California a year ago.  But with the new discovery of a church that fills me and friends that touch me; I’m staying put until further notice. 

There is something about being in this place, area, city that seems to open up my senses.  I feel the most vulnerable and sensitive to my emotions and surroundings than almost any other place I have been.  Now this could be a new development because I have only become a BIG BALL OF EMOTIONS since last year and I have only been to Northern California since then.  Regardless, I like how I feel when I am here and this time is no different.  Just in the last 2 days God has shown me some insight for a friend, given be strength and fortitude about a decision, shown me sunshine in my heart and in the world, and I have a peace and contentment that is filling my whole soul. 

It is so nice to just sit and take in a deep breath and exhale feeling that all is right in the world… even though nothing in the world has changed.  It is just as messed up and filled with stupid people as ever; I’m sure I will be thinking that on Monday. Oh no I think the positive energy of the day is beginning to wear off… Sun must be going down.


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