The Re-Do Button – New Strategies for Me

Years ago a dear friend of mine returned from a trying and stretching trip to Atlanta, Georgia having spent months working with Habitat for Humanity.  I remember being in complete awe and amazement of her willingness to risk and stretch and GO. I mean my world was so small then that Atlanta, GEORGIA might as well have been another country.  I mean it was a whole whopping 3 time zones away on the EAST coast. 🙂

When she returned, she described a few things that she had learned on her journey.  The most significant concept was that of the Re-Do button.  How many times do I remember as a child playing, where SOMEONE at SOME POINT in our game would yell I want a DO OVER… or a RE-DO?  Mostly we would cite reasons of some faulty piece of equipment, the playing field got in the way, or simply because I wasn’t ready.  For some reason, volleyball serving comes to mind (gotta love childhood memories).  ANYWAY, she describe this Re-Do button as it actually being in God’s hands and he choses the moments in our life and our walk to press it. 

RESULTS:  What ever life lesson, character building exercise, or relationship component, we had not learned the last time we were in the SAME SITUATION would be recreated for OUR OWN BENEFIT.  YES, for our own benefit.  That since we had not learned the lesson, made the right choice, or handled things correctly the first time; that God loved us enough to provide us with another situation (most likely with different people and even a different environment) to do things differently. 

As she was describing the Re-do button, I remember thinking Ohhhh Maaannnn that’s just SOooooOOOOO not fair.  God must be sitting up there with this kind of devious menacing look of HA HA Ha ha haha I’m gonna get her NOW.  But over the years, I started to see a certain personality of man wander into my life, at each time I learned-a smidge at a time-how to interact with him better.  After the 3rd guy (of this personality type), I started to identify these men as they wandered into my life, much MUCH quicker.  But it also lead me to say Oh no… Great. *eye roll* God, what did I mess up last time that I need ANOTHER One of THESE in my life?  But in truth there is a whole world of guys out there like this.  So it is in FOR MY OWN BENEFIT to learn how to deal, work, relate to them. 

I believe I am doing a MARVELOUSLY better job than I did before and am taking comfort in the fact that even in those days when I feel like a failure; that God is not going to let me escape from his plan of improvement.  So I even when I screw things up, take too long to do something, or completely miss the whole point; I will get another chance. 

So as much as I would be sick of hearing myself talk about starting over and getting refocused and getting BACK on plan.  I need as many Re-do’s as I can get.  I seem to fail, fall, come up short-again and again and again.  I am going pretty steady 15 months straight fighting the battle of this food and exercise battle.  And for me it is a battle, it is not just a make a decision and change, it is uprooting years and years of thinking, feeling, handling, and managing my life. 

So here I am October 21, 2010 and I have hit the reset button ONCE again.  But this time I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to seek out a better plan or strategy for those times when I struggle.  Trying to reflect on the things I did the first year that were successful and winning methods.  And this week I have started with 4 new techniques to manage the existing problem areas. 

1) I am using the web resource again to document or food journal EVERYTHING I eat: MF meals, snacks, drinks, ALL of it.  This way I can know exactly what I am eating.  Good friend A is going check this journal and we are going to talk about it each week. 

2) I am going to devise an actual regular exercise plan using all the different methods to add variety and make it manageable around the work day.  Good friend B is going to meet with me twice a month to talk about how I am doing and discuss any short comings and make suggestions on new ideas. 

3) I started a pound per pound challenge with a co-worker that between Oct 24th and Dec 31 who ever loses the most weight is the WINNER.  And the Loser will have to pay the winner $1 per pound for the difference.  For example, if I lose 20 lbs and he loses 15 lbs – He will owe me $5.  Doesn’t seem like much but it has gotten my competitive edge back and figure the harder I push myself the money I will make off him. 😉 

4) I am going to surround myself with reminders – post it notes, pictures, people to talk about this with, reading healthy tips and ideas. 

With this form of accountability and knowing I will have to be honest with someone about what I have done and what I am doing, it will help discourage me from making bad choices just cuz I feeeeeeeeeeeel  like it or am lazy and believe that is doesn’t matter.  So we will see how this new approach (well new this week) works itself out in this battle. 

Thank you Vickie for a wonderful word picture of the Re-Do button to encourage me to never give up.  (Never surrender <–couldn’t resist.)


2 thoughts on “The Re-Do Button – New Strategies for Me

  1. Ernest says:

    You are an inspiration, and I think you are on track to make significant life-changing positive habits!

  2. Ric says:

    Dear Friend,
    Thank you so much for writing and encouraging all of us. I love the aspect of the “Re-do” button and need to be reminded that yes we can start again in so many areas of our lives. It seems that if we don’t “re-do” at times then we give up or live under a shadow of guilt. Your insights are encouraging me and I appreciate you more than you know …. keep up the great work that you are doing in sharing your life with all of us!

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