Making my Movie – Decide in Advance

As mentioned yesterday I am contemplating what it would take to make my life a GREAT MOVIE.  So let’s start with #1 in attempting to follow this model or at least dissect why I don’t know what to do.  Now you would think that if a list would inspire me it is because it resonates with me.  That would be true.  And this concept definitely hit some cords in my mind both logical and emotional. Yes it is possible for that to happen at the same time. 

1. Decide in advance what the story will be

This reminds me of a time in my life when I was part of a travelling, creative, action packed theater group where “we” wrote almost all our own material.  Now we did this and to be honest there was ONE GUY who actually did all the writing (ok 1 guy with inspiration from a couple of other guys) because the materials we had to pull from were how do I put this nicely, OH YEAH CRAP!!!

There were ideas and messages we wanted to communicate but the templates or samples or even outlines out there in the marketplace (yes WAAAAAAAY before the internet) were just horrible when it came to story, character development, and decent dialogue.  But this guy had a gift for pulling all of those things together and writing a beautiful story (still does) with all of those things. 

Now somewhere in the midst of these times I remember being in one of the classrooms (deep the corner recesses of the Sunnyside Building – now deemed ONLY suitable for storage boxes), that we were talking about writing and how the rest of us should either try our hands at it or work on some samples.  Where I had the common reaction that I have to MOST things I don’t like, I REBELLED.  If I didn’t do it physically I definitely did it emotionally – threw my hands in the air and said I CAN’T do THAT… my writing sucks. 

Now this is not without some form of experience.  I had attempted to write monologues, speeches, and skits in the past and they did in fact SUCK!!! I still have copies to remind myself of this hideous attempt at a thing call a story.  Now true that was high school and my experience base or my ability to tell a story was some what hmmmm what’s the word OH yeah… LACKING!!!

But it was even these 5 years post high school that the fear of writing was still with me.  But beyond the fear, I attempted to write things; but for some reason even with a college education on form and structure for a typical educational essay or business form letter I was incapable of writing a skit, script, idea, or anything theatrical worthy.  So in those moments I made a self and public declaration that “CHRISTINA DOESN’T write… that’s Dave and Adam’s job.”  This has been a mantra for years and I guess I can even get close to saying decades. 

So this number 1 item on this great movie idea TO DO list: Deciding in advance, making a plan, setting a goal, looking to the future about the road I will take.  So what are the first things that come to mind?  That I have to write the story of what I WISH, WANT, DESIRE, ASPIRE my life to be… but the only thing I can think is “OH GREAT, I HAVE TO try to write a script… and I suck at that.”  Again I feel the mental gesture of throwing my hands in the air and saying WHY BOTHER? How do I begin to do something that in my mind’s eye I suck at? Sure seems like a waste of time and energy right? 

But then I think about my Softball adventure and how much I have felt like I am sucking, but I am doing it.  I feel like I am not contributing to the success of the team, but I am showing up, I am participating, I am working through the anxiety of doing something I am not good at aka I suck at. 🙂 

So this silly blog thing is the beginning of my sucking at writing exercise.  I don’t have a good plan about what the story of my life will be.  I don’t know how to write a script yet, but at least I have gotten better at telling a good story.  So maybe as I learn to convert my verbal stories to the written format, my confidence in my script writing will improve.  Then with that confidence I will find a better plan for my life. 

So as usual Christina is not following the rules, so instead of doing Step #1 first we are skipping ahead tomorrow: Welcome challenges as “inciting incidents”. 

At least, I am excited about that part, what’s an inciting incident again? 

Tips for Making the Movie of Your Life Great

1. Decide in advance what the story will be
2. Welcome challenges as “inciting incidents”
3. View every action as a scene in your movie
4. Choose the other acting characters
5. Remember, you are the director of this movie


3 thoughts on “Making my Movie – Decide in Advance

  1. Just one additional tip that most writer’s need to accept before they pick up a pen…

    “Get over yourself, and just write something…it’s just words on paper.”

  2. Christina says:

    Gotta Admit… that is a HARD thing for me. Especially since I am not comfortable with doing things without an end goal in mind.

    So this writing for writing sake… or PRACTICE is a hard to do at times.

    FYI Names were changed to protect me not the innocent. 😀

  3. Melanie says:

    A good story can in a way write itself, much like our lives. You need to plant the seed, not grow it. That is the Lords work. Write and make a loose plan, but remember who has the reigns. However, by all means, fertilize the garden, prep the soil, plant the seed, water and leave the rest up to whom it belongs.

    I love the idea of the movie, but I just worry that you want to write your own macro script. I think we can only control the micro at best. I worry that you are putting too much pressure on yourself to write you life and live up to your own expectations. I think this is why I like fiction. Sky is the limit. I Also think about writing the story of my life, but my brain hurts just thinking about it. it would be repetitive and full of run on sentences I am sure. yes Fiction is the way to go.

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