My Life as a movie – Sort of

“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.” <– Some days I just don’t feel like I’m a very good “author” because my story is boring, ugly, or a failure most days. Looking at the grand scope of life and people and the world and even my community, I just don’t see my significance.  I feel like I have some how led a disappointing life that at times seems to be a waste of space.  (Now this is sounding way more DRASTIC than it is intended, but in honest evaluation… I’m just not sure what I’ve done with my life.)

My movie - On the Cutting Room Floor

It’s interesting to me that at moments in my life I hear people ask those silly movie, famous, dramatic type questions: If you were an actor/actress who would you most be like?  Or who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?  Or what genre would your life story fall into?  I always seem to draw a blank.  Mostly because what I see my life representing is nothing worth writing about.  I do not see myself as special, significant, or talented enough to be famous or the same as an actor/actress out there. 
Yet I have this LOVE of movies, fascination with acting, and appreciation for a well crafted story; that when I found this dropped into my inbox one day I really had to stop and think. 
If someone saw a movie of your life so far – when the credits rolled – would they say, “Wow, that was awesome!” Or would they scratch their head and say, “I wonder what that was all about?”

Think about your life as a movie for a minute. How does the storyline in a movie develop? There is a character who wants something and overcomes some kind of conflict to get it. If the character in the movie doesn’t want something difficult to attain, there’s no story. Screenwriters often use an “inciting incident” to begin the story. In your life an “inciting incident” could be a layoff, firing or a heart attack. These incidents occur because you’re part of an exciting story. The conflicts and challenges give value and direction to your ambitions. The same principles that make a great movie also make a great life.

So you want to create memorable scenes in your movie. But remember everything counts. Every action is a permanent part of your life story. How you talked to your husband or wife this morning is a scene from the movie of your life. Your behavior at lunch today will be a scene from your life.

What a thought – everything I do in life is part of my life story.  WHOA, that’s heavy.  But seriously does that motivate me to do something different or just apply more pressure to an already overwhelmed underachiever?  Does it spark an idea that I should think about what I want to live for or does it just remind me that I can’t achieve what I would hope to? 

On my best days I am doing the things I am responsible for, thinking of others, putting God first, and making little steps towards making myself a better trainer, person, human being.  But that seems boring even for a documentary with a really good character (yes if nothing else I see myself as a really good character). 

So what changes can I make to SPICE up this film?  I mean I know there are a few scenes from the past that will shock most members of my current fan base, so maybe spice isn’t the right direction.  How about a little action?  I am playing softball this fall, but that might fit closer in the comedic aisle instead of action – sorry no firearms training in this girls back ground.  ROMANCE – NOW we are talking… but I’ve been trying to drum that up for over a decade, so I don’t think that’s the right approach. 

So I guess I am stuck somewhere between a series of short comedic stories and a DRAMA… now I have been trying to remove the drama from my life for sanity’s sake; but Brent keeps insisting I’m the Queen of Drama.  I want to keep thinking that is because I am a magnet for it, but I’m not so sure everyone else would agree. 

As a helpful guide for those of us unable to write a good story (that would be me), here are some tips: 

Tips for Making the Movie of Your Life Great

1. Decide in advance what the story will be
2. Welcome challenges as “inciting incidents”
3. View every action as a scene in your movie
4. Choose the other acting characters
5. Remember, you are the director of this movie


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