Final Mission – Game 1 In Retrospect

The first game of softball was so filled with mental rollercoaster riding that I couldn’t make myself sit down and write.  Probably should have since for the next 3 days all I could do was sit.  Oh wait I am getting ahead of myself.  New cleats in hand, with glove, water, food bag, and my new clothes… I get to the field like a 7th grader on her first day of middle school.  I might know ONE person here was the only promise.  New activity, new people, new place (I checked the gps 3 times to make sure I wouldn’t get lost), new expectations, almost new sport to me (its been well over 20 years since I played organized softball). 

YES the anxiety meter was off the charts.  The goal was to focus and just be where I was supposed to when I was supposed to, what position am I playing again?  OH you haven’t told me: I’m now a catcher.  I know I know my chiropractor is gonna kill me.  I have been doing my stretching exercises for a few weeks so I get to stretching.  NO INJURIES is one of the missions, so I MUST make certain that I don’t fail. 

Having always played outfield as a youngin, I am not necessarily equipped with all the rules or responsibilities of the catcher, but I do know this: I will be getting lots of practice throwing, after every pitch.  Side Note: Schedule more throwing time with friends.  I did have a few responsibility conflicts with one of the pitchers, I was guarding home plate during a play at home plate – but it is a well-known fact that the pitcher is supposed to run in and cover it (because they would prefer the guy get hurt than the girl).  Okay so not something  I knew, nor would agree to in normal circumstances.  But when you’re the new girl you play by the home teams rules. 

So the game progresses and I am definitely feeling winded between running to bases and running back to get glove to be in position to catch.  Can’t figure out which bat to use so I just guess.  I over throw the pitcher a couple of times.  I miss the ball coming at me a decent amount of the time.  But the final innings of the second game are wrapping up and ALL I can think of THANK GOODNESS.  I am so well past done and I am feeling kind of embarrassed about it. 

But Sunday night, after I return home feeling victorious about having completed the FINAL MISSION… I  begin to realize there will be consequences to my actions.  That even though I did not know I was pushing my body past its comfort zone it was going to spend the next 2 days in a full on and complete rebellion.  I neglected to mention I had been squatting for most of the 1st game (7 innings) in the catcher position.  To which I was informed later I did not have to do.  Either way I didn’t feel pain, so I thought I would be fine.  I would not need to stand because I could handle it.  Well lets just say sometimes what the mind conceives is not what the body believes. 

Life is Pain, Highness, anyone who tries to tell you differently is selling something.  Some how that movie quote seemed to kick itself around my mind for the next 2 days.  YES TWOOOOOO WHOLE DAYS!!! I could barely move let alone walk, let alone climb stairs (required for sleeping since my bedroom is upstairs).  Yeah this girl was hurtin for certain. It was finally Wednesday (note games are on sunday), that I was finally feeling what I would call the normal soreness of having worked out.  There were even moments of wondering… if this is the price for this kind of FUN activity am I sure I’m up for it?  Am I sure this is really FUN any more? 

but then I had to remember the actual definition of the FINAL MISSION: I didn’t humiliate myself – MISSION Accomplished!!! I didn’t die – another MISSION Accomplished.  I didn’t give up or ask to be relieved or step out because I couldn’t finish, so on that measure I am proud of what I have SUCCESSFULLY navigated.  JOB well done!!!


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