The List – One More Thing…

At those random moments when I find a piece of THE LIST lying around, almost kicking around the ankles of my life, I realize that I should write it down.  After all it won’t be there forever, and heaven forbid I actually forget something that is supposed to be on THE LIST. 

When I was in one of those great thinking places (YES in the shower), I discovered something that there was YET ANOTHER thing I didn’t realize I wanted in the life partner I might get to have one day… maybe… if I’m lucky… when I figure out who I am… when he gets his act together… If God decides I can have ONE… Oh wait I got kinda side-tracked – SORRY. 

This thought emerged out of my mind one day after I saw pictures of a friend’s trophy room, of sorts.  It was amazing the amounts of sports memorabilia, which my mind IMMEDIATELY translates into how much MONEY all that MUST have cost.  This person was extremely proud of this achievement and had it displayed like personal trophies and prize accomplishments.  It was after seeing this that I realized: I don’t want someone who puts SUCH a high value on accumulating things, acquisitions, trophies, accolades, trinkets, and toys.  The amount of time it must have taken to collect all these items is just mind-boggling.  The constant focus on acquiring the next, new, better, cooler, specialer, signed, significant item, “won’t my friends be jealous I have” piece; just to place it on a shelf and brag about it truly brought a hollow feeling.  At least it did to me. 

It was then I realized, that was one more thing I wanted to add to the I DON’T WANT side of my list.  I know I KNOW the list is SUPPOSED to be what am I looking for in a man; but its MY LIST so it can have what ever I want on it… ON IT. 😛 I don’t want someone who is going to get all caught up and bogged down and burdened by the NEED for stuff to show off and impress people.  Its more than just getting hung up on the material things, which is easily seen in and around our American lives.  But it’s not JUST the materialism component, it was the attitude the owner toward these things almost like it was his legacy of sorts.  Again, in my mind – not worth the time and effort.   

I found myself desiring someone who values a relationship with other people more than the acquisition of STUFF.  Someone who if asked by God and Country (okay maybe just God) to GIVE it all away to help people, change the world, and serve Christ; this person could actually consider it.  Some one who would be more interested in giving to people in need than just having the finest cars, luxury items, sparkling jewelry, or fanciest toys. 

Now, don’t get me wrong I like shiny things just like the next person.  AND I know some of you out there (especially if you helped me move) are saying: but Christina you have a LOT of stuff, things that take up space and have value to you.  Could YOU give it all away, abandon it forever or discard it in a minute if YOU were called to such a choice?  Alas HONESTLY, I think my first response would be to put it all in storage.  Make myself decide later about truly LETTING it ALL go… But I would hope if for no other reason than PEOPLE are more important than STUFF, I could let it go gracefully and go where God sends me. 

So in keeping with the original IDEA of THE LIST… it is more important to me to spend time with people than have the big paycheck, decorated BIG house, fancy awards, expensive collectible items, OR EXTRA money in the bank (although Dave Ramsey would tell me that I need the money to do all the memory making things I want to do 🙂 ).  I am not in a big hurry to embrace the “gift of poverty” or go live in a tent on the Virgin Islands, but this simple image got me to realize this bottom line:

When it comes to giving time, energy, effort, activity, care, compassion to PEOPLE or working extra overtime just to be able to buy the latest or greatest _______________ (car, tv, computer, clothing, house, game, gadget, etc.); I want someone who values the people over the possessions.  Just one of those silly little “It’s GOING On the LIST things”.


One thought on “The List – One More Thing…

  1. Ernest says:

    I like this one. Christina, I have said it before and this just prompts me to say it again: You are a lovely lady. If things are there only to bless the ‘I love me’ side of a person, then it indicates an elevated sense of pride. Conversely, God calls us to be good stewards so that we can bless others when the material becomes a need… such as food, clothing, shelter, and the like. Of course we also want to bless our friends and family some of the ‘nice-to-have’ items… but that should be within reason. I am totally in agreement with you since a trophy room has gone beyond nice-to-have. Now not knowing the situation first-hand. I would be remiss if I were to judge the person and say that something like that keeps that person from helping those in need. Perhaps he or she does, and uses the philosophy of not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing. But it somehow does seem like a lot of effort that could be spent on more other-centric activities.

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