Be Who you want to Attract – Part 1

I have heard this statement 3 times in the last 6 months and I am beginning to think I should pay attention.  Have you ever noticed that when pieces of knowledge arrive in your mind it takes a couple of times for things to sink in? 

For me the magic number is three.  The 1st time it comes by I think…OH that’s a good insight, VERY interesting I should incorporate that into life.  The 2nd time it wanders through I think… Hey wait a minute I’ve heard this before.  I wonder where I heard it?  I did think this was an important insight last time right?  The 3rd time I begin to look skyward and say OK OK OK God you have my attention I will start to apply this in my life more PROACTIVELY. 

Then there are those moments when something is said and it cuts to the most wounded hurt part of my soul (that I honestly try to forget is even hurt) and along with a physical pain I can feel the soul slump down a couple of notches.  My gut tenses up and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and all of a sudden I can FEEL that fight or flight compulsion start to look for the exits.  At times I even feel like less of a person.  That all those EXACT emotions and feelings I had in High School return in Tidal wave proportions to which I have no control. 

This statement generated that second response, so you would think I wouldn’t have forgotten it.  But because it seems like an IMPOSSIBLE task in my mind’s eye; I felt it… agreed with it… and promptly forgot it.  But in surprisingly clear fashion this statement has returned yet again.  But I find myself wondering if my brain is reverting back to thinking the wait it always has EVEN though I have a new thought to think. 

Is it always that way when we come across something that seems to hard to change or overcome, but it hurts just to think for a minute that this particular thing applies to us?  So I don’t know if it was in a book, said during a movie, or a theme in a television special; but this phrase seems to be haunting me. 

Be who you want to attract.  Such a simple expression.  So easy and elegant a sound bite as one could possibly ask for when it comes to dating or finding the person you want to marry.  Because for me it’s not about just having fun and being romanced around every corner; I genuinely, honestly want to find that man who will love me and who I will love.  That we would want nothing more in life than to do this life thing together.  As independent as I have become and as self-sufficient as I have directed my life.  My heart’s desire is to not do this life alone.

Since I have come to believe that I must DO something in some capacity, the idea of BE who I want to attract is some what of a puzzle.  First I must figure out who I want to attract – which I thought I knew, or do I?  Next, I have to be that person of character or confidence or faith or something.  Guess I better get back to that list before I can be, right?