New Routine – Mini Meals

How much of my day each week is just a routine?  Set alarm clock, brush teeth, drive to work, BUY STARBUCKS, work in my office (no LAUGHING), drive home, make dinner, work out (if I make myself), watch tv, and force myself to go to sleep.  On Sundays, I visit with God in the morning at church during service which amounts to 1.5 hrs.  And somewhere I believe that THIS is supposed to do the trick?  It is supposed to provide me with all the spiritual fuel to change my life, tackle temptation, and share the gospel.  I mean, I am a good Christian, I fed the meter, did my duty, got to church, sang the songs, took notes, and fellowshiped with friends, so now I get to sit in the peace and patience and pleasure of God’s grace because I showed up, right?

With this new food plan one of the principles is eating 6 small portion meals a day.  We are not supposed to eat 2 gigantically HUMUNGOUS meals just to make the taste buds happy or satisfy the emotional hungry monster. This small injection of fuel every couple of hours is supposed to keep my metabolism up. It keeps the body moving and functioning as it is DESIGNED!  So what if I take the teeny tiny little concept and apply it to my relationship with God.  I am not supposed to get ONE big ENOURMOUS meal of God on Sunday morning and expect it to carry me through the entire week with no hunger pains or depression or want of more. 

I need to see my time with God as taken in small doses.  That those small meals or doses of fuel will give my spiritual body what it needs every couple of hours.  Now does this mean I stop and read a WHOLE entire chapter of the Bible every 2 hours (I think the people at work might give me the funny eye)?  Well I could, but for me I see this as being an opportunity for me to be creative with my relationship with God.  After all who wants to put God in a box, he has a tendency not to FIT very well.  

Whether it is saying a prayer for a friend I know struggling, asking myself if I have read my CHUNK of the word today, or flipping to a worship song on my iPod… just taking those simple edible morsels of spiritual food could really  improve my spiritual metabolism. 

I had a wonderful time one sunday morning in December when I felt inspired and reminded of the love God has for me.  Yes me, myself, Christina, all for me.  The forgiveness and forgetfulness that God ahs toward my past and my sin.  There was something else said that reminded me of my NEEEEEED to get close to Him.  I need him, I don’t just want to be liked by him or valued by him; but I genuinely honestly NEEEEED Him to function; NEED him to be who I am; and I NEED him to live this life. 

With that in mind, I realize I need to incorporate Him into my routine.  Whether it is incorporating him into singing while brushing my teeth or praying while sleeping (neither of those work very well by the way – yes I’ve tried); I need to look around at my routine and find the places to put my mini meals of spiritual food.