Hope as an Anchor – Reading Free

A friend of mine told me to do a search a while ago and I didn’t find what I was looking for… Sometimes bible gateway and concordance’s just don’t give ya what you want when ya want it… but today I found it.  Amazing how certain things cross your path at just the RIGHT moment… from locations you weren’t even looking. 

When God made his promise… “I will surely bless you…”

          AND SO AFTER WAITING PAITENTLY… received what was PROMISED!!!

People swear by someone greater than themselves AND the OATH confirms what is said.  God did this so that by TWO unchangeable things it is impossible for God to lie..

           We who have FLED to TAKE HOLD OF THE HOPE SET BEFORE US… may be greatly encouraged. 

We have THIS hope as an ANCHOR for the soul, firm and secure. 

When life seems to go in circles and I just follow along each day because I know the routine it is nice to be surprised with something that from a few weeks ago seemed like an impossible task or worthless pursuit.  Hope seems to be the word of my life these days.  I remind myself to keep hope, I tell people to have hope, and I trust that hope will bring bigger better brighter things.  And to read something that describes hope as an anchor not a fleeting flighty superficial thing of fancy I am encouraged.  It reminds me that just because there are words that bring joy or life or light does not mean they are flimsy or weak or lacking longevity.  Hope is one of those words I have not really embraced for the strength that it is.

Finding Hope in such strong wording in the bible means a lot to me.  I have actually started to enjoy reading it.  I don’t know if it’s a change in my heart or just that the expectations I have put on myself in this area have changed.  Some where in the middle of LIFE I just decided to read.  No SOAP no journaling no deep thought no higher purpose no expectations… JUST READ.  If it sticks it sticks… if it has an impact re-read it… if it is worth remembering put it on a sticky note or post it in facebook.  But do not… DO NOT try to make this a GRAND exercise in devotional times.  This time for whatever reason… it has STUCK.  It is not every day, but I made it through Romans, Hebrews, and James all in the last month.  I don’t keep track, I don’t stop at the end of chapters, I just read until I have no more time or my brain is no longer listening.  I even lose track of where I am on the page and just start again from the left side. 

Some how this speaks to my heart and keeps me wanting more.  This has made it less of a task and more of a joy.  Instead of it being on the MUST DO TO DO List, it is just in the I need my spiritual vitamins today… have I had them?  If I haven’t I take a break and take them.  How simple is that?  How easy this has become.  I start to ask that question from the “should have figured that out already” committee – Why didn’t you figure/start/do this YEARS ago?  To which I have no answer than a shrug of the shoulders and I dunno… but I’m doing it NOW!!!


One thought on “Hope as an Anchor – Reading Free

  1. Tina says:

    I really, really appreciate this blog. The “Should have figured that out already” committee resides in my head and I appreciate this different point of view to tell them to shut the bump up! I really like the idea of JUST DOING IT and not SHOULD-ING on myself. 🙂

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