Healthy vs Natural

In my driving (which if some of you have noticed is QUITE often these days- Love Commuting, LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE it), I was thinking about food and what was planned for dinner.  How was I going to shop or create or something and the usual thought that has been the plague of this food plan RACED into my mind… I WANT PIZZA!!! Now let me explain.

I was NOT a huge fan of pizza before this food program.  I use to work at a pizza place and when you have the freedom and creativity to create your own pizza; ordering one from a pizza place is just never as satisfying.  So I was never excited about it at parties and the mere suggestion of pizza drew a very scrunched up frowny face on my expression.  Usually followed by an ECK or other not so pleasant sound. 

But it is amazing what happens when something is eliminated from the food program.  How is it that something I have not wanted for YEARS… almost a decade EVEN; is suddenly the KING of foods and something I believe I cannot live without.  Its seems CRAZY and silly and just plan WEIRD!  I mean there are other foods I’m not eating.  Some of them I have cravings for, but usually THOSE foods are foods I LIKED before THIS PLAN!!!

Then I begin with the positive self talk.  NO, you are going to eat healthy and give your body what is best.  It needs nutrients and vitamins and protein with vegetables that are going to be good for your body and your energy.  You don’t want to cheat, you want to be healthy and healthy food is natural.  Its not processed and package and filled with all those preservatives and crap that is bad for you and changing how you taste real food.  At some point, these choices are going to become Natural… right?

And there it was… the question I was not to sure of the answer.  If this food is healthy wouldn’t it eventually become natural to WANT to DESIRE to CRAVE to eat this way?  I mean if this was God’s design… SHOULDN’T it be true that what is Healthy IS Natural?  Then the mind started a talespin into the land of “SHOULDs” about what I should want and SHOULD desire, and SHOULD be doing.  This usually never ends well.  I have even heard a counselor say “Stop shoulding on yourself” nice play on words.  But ever so true. 

So why is it that what is Healthy doesn’t come Naturally?

Is it really that we are all fallen and corrupt with no HOPE of desiring those things that are healthy?  Some people have said they crave water when they don’t get enough (not it).  Others have said that they desire fruit or vegetables when they have had too much junk food (never been my case either).  After all I have been on this plan for over a year now (of course with a few weeks of cheating and 1 gall bladder removal surgery later.) Is there any chance my taste buds will truly change to the point of affecting my cravings or am I doomed to be at constant war with my DESIRES for unhealthy, oooeeey, goooeey, creamy, fatty, cheesey goodness? 

MmmmMmm Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese.


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