MISSION #4: Throwing the Ball & #6: Shopping

As I am starting this challenge of figuring out how to GET READY for playing softball, I noticed a posting “… they need 20 hours of conditioning before they even put on the gear (for football)” and a revelation came to me… As if on a cloud can you picture it?  Maybe that’s what I should do… start conditioning.  I have no idea what this means.  I have a vague recollection of running, what seemed like LOTS of running when I was younger.  I remember running suicides or line drills for basketball, but what would conditioning look like for softball? 

Ahhhh the wonders of Google… I didn’t get very far into my search when I was required to be else where.  But it got me thinking and talking with people.  Some good suggestions, but nothing I could quite get my brain around… I am very particular about HOW to do things especially if its something new.  I want details.  A friend suggested using a track and sprint the straights.  NOW THAT WAS AN IDEA I COULD FIGURE OUT.  THere are lines and start and stop points and walking for part of it… yeah that is something I can see myself doing.  So MISSION #3 was into the buffer and I would just need to find a track and dive in. 

Friday night I invited a friend to join me at the park and toss the ball around, he was nice enough to toss me some high, low, grounders, flies, and regular throws.  I realized my arm needs some work, but I guess the motto of the sports game is… Practice practice practice.  Although I did bruise my hand because I was catching with my palm instead of the webbing, with OLD OLD OLD softballs (not very soft any more) in a baseball glove. 🙂  Silly silly girl.  Its what I had sitting around the house… who knew all of it was WRONG.  So there will be more attention paid to MISSION #4 as time goes on. 

Which brings me to MISSION #6… I know I know I’m not going in order.  Do the best you can to keep up… try not to let your organizational pickyness distract you (I know its hard).  I had dinner with some OTHER friends on Monday night and when we were done I dragged them BOTH to Sports Authority.  He coaches softball and baseball players, so I figured it would be bestest to get his input on a few of the THINGYS I would need.  Now some of these things I didn’t NEED but wanted to get familiar and comfortable with.  The results: COOL Nike, on sale BLUE cleats; Nifty my very own 33in-28oz bat (don’t ask me to explain why that is important); and 2 softer softballs for a better game of catch. 

I also ended up clothes shopping for a couple of capris and socks and… this is a public blog post right?  It was fun and interesting at the same time.  I told one of the sales people what I was looking for and why… She helped me out and even mentioned she USE to play for a Christian league until they too professional.  (Sure hope that is not what I’m getting myself into.)  I walked away with a pretty successful evening.  There is something to be said for working towards something, why is it that now I have something to focus my energies on, I can’t seem to get my mind to do ANYTHING else? 

All of a sudden, what I have saved on the DVR doesn’t seem interesting.  I have to remind myself to do laundry and remember what cleaning duties I have – I think the lawn needs mowing, OOOOoops! What did I do with my life before I had this… ummm obsession? (Have I reached those levels yet or am I just trying to be PREPARED? <–that’s what I have been trying to tell myself.)

MISSION #1 Accomplished: Batting Cages 150 pitches = I still got my swing.
MISSION #2 TBD: Fielding.
MISSION #3 TBSeen: Running bases.
MISSION #4 Practiced: Throwing the ball TO a person (not as easy as I remember) I want my muscles back…
MISSION #5 FOUND: Softball Dynamic Warmup stretches (gotta love google: even have pictures)
MISSION #6 Spent: Sports Authority – Softball Cleats (Nike, ON SALE, BLUE), Bat 33in-28oz 4 practice, Softer Softballs to throw around.

FINAL MISSION Incomplete: Ready to play Softball with people who know what they are doing and not making a fool of myself – Maybe.