Safe and Secure

I was reading a newsletter yesterday and it occurred to me that there is an element of my life where this grabs me by the collar and screams, YES!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!  Then the imagining begins or should I say the committee assembles and the discussion begins.  About a 1900s reference no less:

Is the quest for security keeping you from seeing new and better opportunities?

“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, long hours…”

This ad was placed in the early 1900s by the explorer Ernest Shackleton as he was looking for men to help him discover the South Pole. The ad drew over 5,000 brave candidates.

This makes me wonder would I answer that ad?  I mean lets skip to the obvious need for swapping gender; BUT still would I abandon my safe and stable cushy job for one of adventure.  Right now in this moment… NOPE.  Not a chance, couldn’t, wouldn’t, can’t do it… let alone I SHOULDn’t do it.  I mean I have obligations and responsibilities… I am not even married with children and I feel I have to maintain the house, my stuff, life duties, and social obligations; so much that I can not possibly quit my job and TRY something else.  Reach out over the cliff for something else. 

When I was driving home one day the question appeared to me, “I have been fighting, kicking, spitting my way to a place that is stable, safe, and secure.  (Now most of that is because my mother died when I was a freshman in High School and my whole family dynamic spiraled into chaos.)  But even so, now that I have a stable job that pays my bills, and allows me a tiny amount of room to play.  I am finally saving and I am an “expert” of sorts at work with as much job security as anyone can count on these days.  I can choose to learn as much or as little as I want, not to mention be as productive or non productive as I want.  So with all these PERKS, to my current status of life WHY oh WHY do I feel bored?  Yesterday I rambled on about the boredom factor, but I think it goes much deeper into my mindset than I realize.  I mean I have worked so hard to get to this PLACE, this comfort, this ACCOMPLISHED job, on salary, with benefits, 401k, and M-F work week.  So again I ask why am I bored, restless, and anxiety filled in the middle of what seems to be such a successful reaching of my goals?

I believe it is because we are designed for change.  We are made to grow, risk, fail, succeed, step out, test, try, experiment… And since I have programmed myself to seek the easy, comfortable, pain-free things in life, I revolt and reject any form of challenge.  The fear of failure, pain, rejection has grown to monumental proportions in my psyche that I do not even CHOOSE to not do something any more, my decision is made in my head before the thought is even completed.  So maybe that is the place I start… begin to recognize when the fear is making decisions FOR ME! 

“In times of volatility, welcome the possibility of positive new change and challenge. Looking for security may be keeping you from a higher level of success and fulfillment.”

Now for the application of these thoughts…. the fun part.


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